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ACETO Industries profile We depend on a staff of over than 150 of highly qualified professionals, including a group specialized in quality assurance. We have engineering and production facilities built on 20,000 sq.m.area. Our specialists are serving our customers all over the market in Egypt and all Middle East Countries. Our Headquarter is located in cairo from 1973 ACETO Industries Scope of Supply We are a leading company in engineering, manufacturing and trading. It is a solution providor for the following fields: Automation & Control systems SCADA & Remote control systems High Voltage Substations Steam Generators Mechanical Systems Electric switchgears & Distribution panels Metering & Regulation systems Electrical & water turn key projects ACETO Industries Experience Our experienceranging from developing entire new systems, also modernization and rehabilitation of existing systems. Our scope of work can include any or all of the following according to the project and the requirements of the customer: Project management Basic engineering Supply of material Detailed engineering FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) Installation -or- supervision of installation SAT (Site Acceptance Test) Commissioning & Startup Documentation Guarantee Training ACETO Industries Customers Power & energy companies Oil & gas companies Petroleum refining & petrochemical companies Water & wastewater companies & municipalities General industrial companies Food & beverage companies Contractors for above industries ACETO Industries Environmental Policy As a member of the world community, Aceto Industries is devoting its at most technology and solutions to sustain a higher quality environment and atmosphere. About half of our resources is allocated for services related to a better quality environment. This can be a lower emission of industrial plant, or a better quality for the water or a less pollution in the waste. ACETOIndustries Quality Assurance ACETO Industries obtained ISO 9001/1994 quality system certification through QMI Canada in October 29,1997 ACETO Industries obtained ISO 9001/2000 system and services certification through SGS/UK in May 05,2004 ACETO Industries obtained ISO 9001/2008 system and services certification through SGS/UK in May2010


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