POLYLUX has more than 50 years of experience in the manufacture of products for the voltage conversion, safety and quality of electrical energy. Thanks to continuous growth and development, we are currently a market leader exporting to over 100 countries worldwide. It is our goal to offer a wide range of products in order to give complete solutions to our customers. We have experience in the manufacture of products for the most demanding sectors like renewable energies, railways, clinical, naval, oil and mining, etc. We highlight in the following points: We offer a complete range of low voltage transformers in ratings from 25VA to 1000kVA and from 12V to 12kV. We manufacture both general purpose transformers and special applications. In the most demanding applications we can encapsulate our products with resin in order to protect them from extreme temperatures, corrosion, humidity, electric arcs, etc. The innovative range of Harmonic Compensators offers a unique and highly effective solution to harmonics problems in office and industrial facilities. We manufacture stabilized and non-stabilized power supplies for all types of DC applications. We are especially proud of our ECO range, high efficiency transformers, for those customers concerned about saving electricity. We have a large stock of finished products for immediate delivery and if what you need is not in the catalog we can also manufacture custom made products.



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