AEV Ltd. is a highly motivated family company, registered ISO BS EN ISO 9001:2008, specialising in the manufacture and supply of superior Varnishes, Resins, Compounds and insulating products, designed for Electrical and Electronic Industries worldwide. The depth of knowledge within the company comes from years of experience from our long serving and dedicated team of management, sales team, chemists and production engineers, who work together to develop our extensive product range. At our site Laboratories we are constantly evolving our strategies, to develop new and pioneering advances within our company product base. This places in a position to satisfy technical or specialised requirements for individual customer needs. This base has allowed to streamline manufacturing and distribution networks, to make them extremely responsive to customers requirements. The effectiveness of the service and technical back up which is both flexible and positive in response, gives the competitive advantage. Health & Safety AEV are investing in its people and the future of the company by working towards OHSAS ISO18001:2007 accreditation. The policy aims to prevent accidents, injury and work related ill-health, and ensures the implementation of arrangements to report, review, monitor and investigate any accident, near miss, or work related ill-health. AEV is committed to the continuous improvement of the integrated management system to ensure that the company operates effectively and efficiently, whilst remaining focussed on the needs of its customers and stakeholders.


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