Alfa Electric

The Art of Know-How and competitive excellence Alfa Electric was founded in 1993 in Brianza, cradle of the economy of Lombardy and Italy, as a division of Alfa Plastic, a company specialized in injection-moulding. Over two generations, the owning family and their skilled work force develop a solid know-how that enables a continue Company growth and the fulfilment of the requirements coming from a varied, international and demanding Clientele. The quality of Alfa Electric products are reliable and proven: each of them is tested individually. Excellence, timeliness and punctuality of delivery are key words and facts. All this makes Alfa Electric a dynamic, efficient, effective and competitive, to go beyond the national market and extend toward new horizons. Interconnection and collaborative capabilities Alfa Electric relates to otherness and to the world with open eyes and enthusiastic spirit, believing in each man, in his resources and his desires. Also, agreeing with Henry Ford, for which there is real progress only when the benefits of a new technology are for everyone, Alfa Electric goes further and argues that real progress is only where all of you can contribute actively . For this, the customer is much more that a taxable person driven by specific needs: it is a valid and valuable partner of the company, that holds within himself a wealth of ideas, visions, needs and stimuli that Alfa Electric is able to recognize, to discover and foster the creation of customized quality products that will soon be of benefit to the wider community, the worldwide character.


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