Why we started?

Every business owner in the Electricity Market knows how big that Market is. However, these companies are having a poor service that avoids them to increase their market awareness, and exposure. For example, one of the main ways for companies to market their Products and Services is to use Magazines. This Type of service is so weak compared by the size of the market.

What did we do?

Souq Kahraba Co, eventually decided to take an action and to fill this gap. It created “SouqKahraba.com “and Facebook Page “Souq Kahraba” in the middle of 2015.

We know that using Facebook tools gives advertiser real statistics on their Ads. So, we created Facebook Page to connect people first, and to make sure that we reach each and every city all over Egypt. Now we have reached more than 77K+ (Interested in Electricity Market) on our Page from all over Egypt, then it created other social accounts on Instagram, Linkedin and Youtube.

Our website SouqKahraba is created to make all the market online. With its user-friendly interface, companies can easily show their products and services via web portals; they acquire accounts that has an online store to show all products, datasheets, Pricelists, full Company Profile, etc. This makes companies connect with each other easier and faster and more effective. Along with latest news, tenders/supplier registration, vacant jobs, full guide of the market.

What should you know?

You should know that digital marketing and services is the best way to get accurate feedback on your business. If you want to increase your exposure, connect with others, position yourself in the market, and to boost your sales, be sure that you are taking the right decision!